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Naples was established in 1789 along with Ontario County, on the old Native American village Nundawao, and settlement began the following year. Naples has a current population of approximately 2,400. The town is located in the southwestern corner of Ontario County near the southern end of Canandaigua Lake. The town was The town was also part of the Underground Railroad, with old houses still having hiding spots to this day. The town, known in 1789 as “Watkinstown” (after Captains Nathan and William Watkins, Revolutionary War veterans and early settlers)  and in 1796, they called the town “Middletown”. And then, finally, the town was given the name “Naples” in 1808. Naples was not quickly settled due to its rough terrain. Part of the new town was used to form the Town of Italy in 1815, and another part was used to form part of the Town of Springwater in 1816. The village is home to St. Januarius Catholic Church, a unique architectural design by James Johnson. With the local grape industry as inspiration, much of the church was designed with grapes in mind.  The annual Naples Grape Festival is held in September, and the area is known for its wineries and grape pie. Grapes, first planted in the 1860s, led to the modern grape and wine industry of the town and also led to the annual grape festival which began in 1961, one of which was broadcast on the World Food Network.

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