Helpful Hints

When putting your home for sale first impressions count!  It is crucially important to put your best foot forward when it comes to pricing, curb appeal, cleanliness, clutter, and general sprucing up.  Buyers will be looking at several homes and you want them to choose yours.  The following steps will ensure you home brings the best possible outcome, that being a timely sale for top dollar.


Correctly pricing your home within current market conditions is the best way to get your home shown and sold.  Listings that are overpriced often attracted the wrong buyers, have limited showing, and develop a negative stigma with potential buyers and other agents.  Overpriced listings generally are for sale for long periods of time and bring the seller a much lower net selling price.  The right price can attract multiple showings and potentially multiple offers.

Curb appeal

Potential buyers love to do drive-bys of homes and neighborhoods they are considering.  Trimming your bushes, spreading some mulch, keeping your yard neatly mowed can all go a long ways.  Other small improvements like painting your front door, sealing your driveway or planting some flowers may make the difference in your home being shown.  A few dollars spent on the outside of your home can often determine if buyers view the inside of your home.

Cleanliness and clutter

Buyers can be turned off by the very best of homes for a number of reasons out of your control so you should focus on what you can improve.  Odors from pets or smoking can stop some buyers dead in their tracks.  A dirty kitchen or bathroom can leave the buyers wondering what else is neglected within the home.  Cluttered counters or cabinets can make the space in a home look much smaller than it really is.  Since your goal is to move, now is a great time to go through your belongings and discard and de-clutter.  Open counter space and clean windows are your friends; bright open areas will sell homes.  Fresh paint and shampooed or new carpets are very inviting to your buyers.  Every dollar spent doing general sprucing up will be paid back to you in selling price several fold over.


Your home should be available to be shown at all reasonable times with 24 hours notice given.  Agents and buyers will move on to other homes if yours is not readily available to be shown.  It’s best to turn lights on, open doors and blinds for showings.  Tidy up and leave the home for the showing, buyers want to get a feel for the house and agents want to feel at ease while they work at selling your home.

Following these tips and the advice given from your Keuka Lake and Land Realty Team member will give you the best possible outcome when selling your home!